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I’ve had the pleasure of delivering voice over for thousands of radio and television ads throughout the years. When I think of commercial voiceover, “selling” is the farthest thought from my mind. I’m only communicating love. I just love your product or service and I want to communicate the message; tell my friends all about how much I love your product, so they will too! I possess a specialty in voicing automotive commercials, mastering the 15 steps of an automotive voiceover script from Cliff Zellman, the master of automotive who has produced my automotive demo. That being said: Beauty & cosmetics, supermarkets, financial services and banks, health and medical products and services, fashion brands, apps, retail stores, cellular services, restaurants, and a wide variety of other businesses are also among my numerous clients!


Explainer videos are the commercials’ longer cousin. A video of about 90 secs to 5 mins long, these explainers have shown up to “explain” and market companies, products, and services. A key element that makes them so engaging? The voice over actor you choose to voice your explainer video! I’ve been lucky enough to carry my professional voiceover skills to be the #1 choice for tons of companies in many different industries.

Being a teacher and live presenter beyond voice acting, has equipped me with skills that transfer to the voice-over industry. I have the experience to teach and present material on a variety of subjects. My explainer video and narration projects have included those in the automotive, insurance, healthcare and gaming industries, and numerous other genres.
Whether your explainer video requires a voice that is serious, lighthearted, excited, conversational or somewhere in the middle I can deliver it compellingly. Check out these samples to see for yourself. Contact me today to request a custom audition for your own explainer video or narration project, or to get a voiceover quote!


Voice acting is more than just reading words or reciting copy. Truly great voice over acting. requires the skills of a genuine actor to analyze, copy , follow direction, and then immediately interpret it with your own personal style and deliver to the client whether in a session, or self directed. A voice actor must go beyond just sounding like the character, but truly become the character, using all the acting tools developed over time.

I perform character voices for animation, video games, commercials, AR, VR, apps, slot machines, and anything else that needs to literally come to life through characterization. Whether you need a specific accent or dialect, or someone who can animate video game action vocalizations while always staying on mic, or utilizing the proximity effect, whether in a live directed session self-directed on my own – I’ll get it done!


Do you like being placed on hold? Does anyone? What can be an annoying, frustrating experience can become pleasant if you choose the best voice for your phone holds and interactive voice response (IVR)!

I’ve been that voice for many, many companies, delivering just the right sound that will keep your listeners engaged, and on the line. Whether it’s fun, comforting, pleasant, commercial, calm, or whatever voice – tone or mood – fits your company, I can provide the best voiceover that fits your needs for your phone messaging scripts.

Please listen to my fully produced and raw phone holds demos to get an idea of the types of phone messaging voice over I can get done for you and your company

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